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Jeff Weinstein

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Weinstein-1031About Jeff

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. My family had two small mom and pop businesses. My dad is a pharmacist and had his own pharmacy, and my mom worked with him for several years and then became a Realtor. My dad’s dad had a hardware store. Most of what I know was learned from my experience in these businesses, including how to be a mensch.

A mensch is someone who takes care of his friends and who has a sense of what’s right and responsible. A mensch is the guy who shows up to help without being asked. And a mensch works hard.

When I tell my kids that at 10 years of age I used to work a full day they look at me like I’m from Mars, but we did.

We also walked or biked wherever we wanted to go in town. The hardware store was a couple of blocks from the pawnshops. I love going to pawnshops. If you really want to watch a master salesman, watch a pawnshop owner in action. But you had to be careful because the sales guys were so good they would sell you your own shoes while they were on your feet.

As I grew older, I realized that there were a lot of family hands in the register, so it was obvious that I needed to do something else. I attended college at the University of Texas in Austin and then law school at Southern Methodist University.

I put myself through law school by booking bands. I would arrange for a band to play at a fraternity or sorority party and negotiate the price for the band as well as a commission for myself. The sad truth is that I made more money booking bands during law school than I did my first few years of practicing law.

My life today is a reflection of all those experiences. I am a practicing attorney and an agent for social media influencers, who are like modern rock stars. I am also a Realtor, just like my mom, and I carried on that spirit of community I learned in Fort Worth by publishing a hyperlocal news site.

If you’d like to connect with me, you can send me an email by clicking on the link in the menu, or you can find me on all the popular social media platforms @yourmensch.