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whyI’m currently reading a book on how to successfully flip houses. I like reading self-help type books. Even if I think the book is completely full of caca, I still always get a few pearls from each one.

This one might be OK, but I’m two-thirds of the way through and the author has yet to tell me the secret of how to make money flipping houses. He does spend a lot of time talking about your “why.” About knowing why are you doing what you are doing and that to be successful you must know your why.

I tend to believe that we all have similar reasons for wanting to make money. Wanting to provide for your spouse, significant other, children, parents, etc. seems to me to be a constant theme.

So for me, that’s not my business “why.” I choose to believe it’s about being the unique me; the things that make me different from everyone else who is doing what I’m doing.

Every time I do my best me, good things tend to happen. Whenever I try to be someone else, things are not so good.

For me, using my unique me has been a blessing and a curse. Not everyone enjoys the unique me. It can cause friction with some folks. Ultimately though if I’m going to enjoy life and do well, I just have to be me.

I can always be a better me so reading about topics that I like is certainly a good habit. Maybe it’s time for me to write my own book. Perhaps I should call it, “Success through a better ME.”

Hope that isn’t already taken.