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What do you think ?I try to keep my political beliefs outside of what we do as the Weinstein Team because like on a first date, the golden rule is not to discuss politics. However, I have to break my silence and give my two cents about Donald Trump. Let me first say this is not a Republican vs. Democratic comment, this is a Presidential comment. I am 54 years old. I want the President to be someone we respect regardless of whether we believe in their policies or politics. I can’t do this with Donald Trump. Here’s my top reasons although there are more.

1. I don’t feel comfortable with the tone of the message (whatever the message actually is). Talking about the size of your hands and calling everyone else a liar is not Presidential. Telling people that you will pay for legal bills if they attack someone that was going to throw a tomato at you isn’t Presidential. There is a lot of hate being cast out by Mr. Trump like it’s no big deal. If you are Hispanic, African American, a woman, any other ethnic group, Jewish, etc., you should be feeling uneasy. The hate that exists in us is not very deep and Mr. Trump is working very hard to light the fuse of those that don’t need much to be haters.

2. Listen to his answers to any questions. There are no substantive responses to any questions. Illegal immigration is a problem. We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. How? Even though you probably want to bomb them for not doing it the Trump way, that’s not how it works. How will you replace universal health care? We will do away with circles so there will be more competition. More competition and lower prices are great but how is it going to work? Somebody or the government has to pay for it. Will we still oversee the insurance companies to make sure they are financially stable before we let everyone compete? How will you fund social security and Medicare? NO answers, only rhetoric about how great the Trump empire is and where he stands in the polls.

3. People want to see a change at the top. Bernie Sanders is living proof that both parties are dealing with internal issues of how to please their base. Democrats are not overly excited about Hillary Clinton just like Republicans have already shown they are no longer interested in the Bush monarchy. That being said, the answer is not racialism. The Tea Party has done a good job as a grass roots movement to demand fiscal conservatorship in Washington, but you don’t see Ted Cruz acting like Donald Trump (never thought I would say I would pick Cruz over someone, but I will if it’s Cruz or Trump). Change at the top starts with leadership at the top. The leader of the greatest country on the face of the planet should not act like a narcissistic punk.

4. Trump claims to be a conservative Christian and claims he has the support of evangelical Christians. defines an evangelical Christian as someone “called to share the good news, to preach God’s Word, and to set an example of purity and integrity.” If these callings require political action, so be it. At the same time, evangelical Christians should not be sidetracked into abandoning our highest calling—sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to Donald Trump. He sure doesn’t sound like someone sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to me. He sounds like someone that will divide instead of unite, unless of course you are part of his inner circle.

I know my comments may upset a few of my friends. You will say that I’m a Democrat or a liberal who despises Trump because he will beat Hillary. Not true. I’ve voted for many Republicans and none of them spoke or acted the way Trump does. I don’t want anyone to live in fear, especially a group that has been targeted by Trump. When Trump called out Bernie to get control of his protestors it reminded me of another guy in history that didn’t much care for a particular race and we know that didn’t turn out very well.

I’d like to hear your comments.