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Nearly three years ago, two pretty ordinary guys sat down at breakfast and decided to try an experiment. Their belief was that one of the main missing pieces to helping the community was a lack of communication among us. Today, I would consider the experiment a success. What do you think?

1. Henderson County Now has 21,238 Facebook users. The reach is 40,000 to 60,000 weekly. Without question, we are the number one online new source in the county. Thank you to HCN users for encouraging us to push the boundaries of a free online community news service.

2. Henderson County Now’s daily email digest has over 2,000 subscribers. Every day, many of you open your email to find a summary of HCN topics so you don’t have to scroll through your Facebook feed. We consider it a great privilege and an honor that you trust us with providing you daily community information.

3. We’re all about everything social media. Vine, Twitter, Instagram, videos, podcasts – you name it. If it’s happening on social media, HCN is part of it. Many of you follow us and share great information about local events – thank you so much.

4. Our web site is closing in on 1 million page views. It sounds like a lot because it is. Getting to 1 million of anything is an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations to Michael Hannigan for being the greatest one armed wallpaper hanger in the history of Henderson County journalists.

5. I didn’t even know what a Podcast was the day before we did our first one. We’ve now done 100 of them and I am still learning every time we turn on the microphone how to make this a better product for our listeners. We’ve had almost 20,000 listens to these 100 podcasts. Our audience is growing each week. Thank you to Paul Essary, Brad Smiley and Jamie Driskell for allowing us to have unprecedented access on a weekly basis. Obviously, the fans can’t get enough of Hornet, Cardinal and Tiger sports.

If you have a business in Henderson County and want to know how to grow your audience through social media, I suggest you give Michael Hannigan a call. To all of our amazing listeners, users and friends of Henderson County Now, thank you – thank you – thank you.