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Where does the time go? I was skipping through my 700 channels on the television last night (and couldn’t find anything), but I did notice that the Christmas movies have already started. Really? I’m not ready for 2014 — I mean 2015 — to be over. If someone had really explained to me how fast the time begins to go by when you get older, I would have done a few things differently.

1. I would not have wasted so much time worrying about things that are not relevant. My family – relevant. My work – relevant but not the number one, two or three priority. My health – more relevant than work and pretty close to family. My faith – relevant. What people think about me – Not Relevant…..

2. I would travel more often and on a moment’s notice. Not necessarily trips around the globe. I’d have enjoyed more weekend getaways and experienced more small town jamborees.

3. I would have continued running. It would have tied in with traveling. Want to go somewhere, sign up for a run and be part of the community for a weekend.

4. I would read more about everything. You name it, I would read about it. Especially history, military history and biographies. People are amazing and who we are, where we came from is fascinating.

5. I would get up and walk away from negative people, thoughts or ideas. Don’t need it. Nothing beneficial to me has ever come from a negative idea.

2016 is almost here. Time to start making better use of Time….